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  • fixed host check return codes (livestatus, status_dat)

the following variables allow to tweak this behaviour:

  map_host_down_state_to and map_host_unreachable_state_to
* added history with new computed macros (AVERAGE, WEIGHTED_AVERAGE,
* changed Getopt::Long handling to allow old Perl versions
* new switch html_ascii_notification allows ASCII part in HTML output
* reorganized ascii verbose mode, prints selectable fields
* info [ tag::pre_nok ] - info text for non OK states
* info [ tag::pre_<status> ] adds info texts depending on status
* info [ tag::{pre,post} ] provides info texts for child checks

0.26 Fri Nov 18 20:27:28 CET 2011

  • fixed macro handling for livestatus command
  • added perfdata for statusdat command
  • fixed perfdata column for livestatus command
  • fixed proper encoding of XML state elements
  • numerical tags are not allowed
  • fixed macro handling: complain about non-existing macros and remove
  • inventory parameter: reduced XML for feed_passive
  • provide error message if no HOSTNAME is specified for passive service definitions
  • fixed hostname treatment for PNP urls
  • spaces in tags and macros are not allowed any more
  • contrib: uses mime multipart elements
  • fixed trimming blanks at line end with continuation lines
  • cumulate perfdata handling fixed
  • child timeout increased to 11s - no collision with 10s default
  • fixed handling of non existing child state rules
  • child checks state rules reorganized
  • statusdat checks now only consider hard states
  • print matching state rule in long plugin output
  • feed_passive with perfdata [ plugin ] at the end
  • better perfdata error output for invalid UOM

0.25 26.02.2011

  • included nail to contrib/notify_service
  • report options are inherited from parent check_multi
  • added floating point support for cumulate
  • instant execution of a child check: -i TAG
  • 'attribute [ key ] = value' now sets internal variables
  • new option add_tag_to_list_entries provides lists without prefix
  • fixed host states for statusdat: down→critical,unreachable→unknown
  • repeat writing of feed_passive config files after time period
  • tmp_dir with tolerant permissions
  • fixed 0 value environment variables
  • new tests (random tags/macros), test restructured
  • fixed problem with tags parsing
  • variables set on command line are still exported as MULTI_var
  • MULTI_<var> replaced by MULTI_set_<var> to avoid collisions
  • new macro ERROR_<tag> contains STDERR of child check
  • allowed characters for tags and macros fixed
  • fixed missing closing </div> for status.cgi, thx to Sebastian Halles
  • statusdat now handles makros, thx to Jan Mara
  • fixed empty illegal_chars var handling, thx to Tony Yarusso
  • tags now can contain any characters: command [ this is a tag ] = …
  • added send_gearman client report mode
  • OMD - check for environment variables OMD_ROOT and OMD_SITE

0.24 09.10.2010

  • STDIN (needed for feed_passive) now activated with '-f -'
  • nested macros allowed: 'normal' macros within objects.cache macros
  • change in child timeout handling: full time range is used for child checks now
  • macro substitution is case insensitive now (thx to Morbid Angel)
  • fixed empty plugin output in checkresults files (thx to Joerg Krueger)
  • added livestatus host expansion: livestatus [ tag ] = host.*
  • fix for checking of warning and critical perfdata fields, thx to makana
  • objects.cache macros added: $type:field:key:value$ is substituted by objects.cache value
  • restructured error messaging: messages are assigned to child checks whereever applicable
  • now accepting perfdata with trailing semicolons (like in PNP)
  • report mode 32768 now suppresses all OK states in ASCII mode, thx to Joel Brooks
  • added old XML structure input mode for upgrade issues, thx to Joerg Krueger
  • passive feeded service definitions can be created automatically now
  • added check for invalid name characters (allowed are A-Za-z0-9_-)

0.23 20.06.2010

  • fixed statusdat for hosts and added numerous test cases
  • version control system migrated to GIT (github)

0.22 19.06.2010

  • fix for correct treatment of empty lines in encoded configurations, thx to Frank Plab
  • state evaluation for child checks now works as global state evaluation
    - with complete expression, e.g. '$child$=~/expr/'
  • statusdat [ test ] = /host.*/ - now supports also including host checks
  • splitted checkresults report sub to prepare host checkresult files

0.21 03.06.2010

  • second version of livestatus [ tag ] = Filter: field ~ pattern (needs Monitoring::Livestatus)
  • added first version of livestatus [ tag ] = host:service (needs Monitoring::Livestatus)
  • fixes for eval[ tag::plugin ]. thx again, Henry
  • child checks are assigned to own process group (thx to Henry Rolofs)
  • timeout routine now also kills child checks with positive numbers (thanks to Henry Rolofs)
  • added new report mode which hides OK states / only shows problem states (thx to Timo Kempkens)
  • added ok/warning/critical/unknown state rules for particular child checks: check_multi goes check_generic
  • added fatal exit for two conditions: fork error and tmpfile error
  • added encode option for providing complete config files via command line, thx to Michael Kraus and Gerhard Lausser
  • added plugin_path variable, it allows to separate different plugins from libexecdir
  • restructured pnp variables, pnp_cgi is replaced by pnp_url and pnp_version
  • pnp popup errors fixed, thanks to Joerg Linge, Sebastian Waitz and Rene Rosenberger
  • added new variable child_interval to provide time interval between child checks (default: 0.0 seconds)
  • fixed status output for '-r 64': OK is only displayed, if plugin output does not contain OK itself, thanks to Jens Person
  • added extended_perfdata, with particular state counters and overall states, thanks to Gerd von Egidy and Joerg Linge
  • added support for icinga, 'configure –with-nagios_name=icinga'
  • command file can now be feeded via STDIN, thanks to Joerg Krueger for this idea
  • added 'snmp [ TAG ] = HOST:OID' (snmpget)
  • added variable mouseover_type to cover PNP 0.6 and 0.4 differences, default is PNP 0.6
  • first version of new 'cumulate' function, which aggregates data a la 'top'
  • fixed handling of non-existing signals, and non-existing RCs

0.20 16.10.2009

  • invisible checks (eval) will not be counted any more, since this confused some people :)
  • added output [ TAG ] statement, it provides customizeable output everywhere, no more X plugins checked, Y plugins OK…
  • rewritten parsing code - now trailing backslashes are not necessary any more
  • replaced pnp_path by pnp_cgi with full path to PNP graph.php (PNP 0.6 coming soon)
  • '-' as tag-char was broken, thx Hendrik
  • added showcase / sample-config feed_passive to demonstrate feeding features
  • added -s suppress_service=<service1>,<service2> to exclude services from report_send_nsca and report_checkresults_file
  • added STDIN mode: check_multi now can report XML output feeded via STDIN
  • hopefully userfriendly report mode specification: -r 1+4+8 is the same like -r 13
  • new report mode 'report_checkresults_file' added for direct injection of child checks as passive service check results
  • added caching for 'service [ tag ]'
  • added send_nsca report option 4096, it sends child results to NSCA master
  • added COUNT(ALL) to provide cluster rules like this one
  • added 'service [ tag ] = host:service' to read service states from status.dat
  • again some fixes for configure
  • option action_mouseover now allows PNP popups in extinfo, thx to Amit Mor
  • added example section in documentation - find these examples in sample-config
  • at last: first configure version (including lots of cleanup and directory moving)
  • added PERFDATA_<tag> environment var: perfdata for child checks, thx Bjoern Becker
  • underscore is now allowed tag character
  • added pnp_path (as replacement for action_url) and image_path, thx Amit Mor
  • fixed html output for status_in_extinfo mode: <br /> instead of \n, thx Sascha
  • added query_examples.html with sample queries
  • status_query.cgi now with multiple combined queries
  • nagios_status.cgi renamed to status_query.cgi
  • added nagios_status.cgi to contrib directory, queries for all and everything ;)
  • added option to provide multi output also in status cgi view, thx Sascha
  • added LWP for reading config file remotely (http://hostname/path/to/configfile)
  • added FindBin and changed default libexec path to $FindBin::Bin, thx. Wolfgang
  • basename(plugin) - removed /path/from/<pluginname> for proper perfdata, thx. Gerhard

0.19 11.02.2009

  • illegal_chars removal also for input (command lines)
  • added fork for execution of child checks (allows better timeout handling)
  • fixed main loop error handling (prevent repetition)
  • better timeout handling: kill process group leader instead of die avoids hang of program
  • removed newline cleanup for output
  • replaced old contrib notification template with new notify_service_html
  • fixed plugin counting (now reflects parent plugin)
  • fixed eeval treatment of invalid RCs (like command)
  • first preparation for data persistence
  • check_multi environment vars begin now all with MULTI_
  • data structure update: all settings now in $opt{set}
  • data structure update: parent data now in $cmds{0}
  • fixed initial RC (thx Henry)
  • minor fix in HTML verbose output
  • removed CR from wintel output and stderr (thx Sascha)
  • add report option DETAIL_SERVICE_DEFINITION for multi_feed_passive
  • set xml_elements=<list> allows customization of XML output
  • removed '# comments within lines
  • orphaned parameters check for command line
  • proper error handling for creation of tmp directory
  • fixed treatment of macros (-s-option): upper case → case sensitive
  • at last: EPN capability (without 'use strict')
  • first steps to flexible output definition
  • added tmp_dir for temporary files
  • added URL to usage for documentation
  • commands extensible during runtime → call parse_lines within eeval
  • fixed missing escaping for '#'
  • improved verbose mode also for HTML output

0.18 07.08.2008

  • improved verbose mode for ASCII output
  • removed suppress_perfdata for check_multi perfdata, PNP needs this
  • ok, convinced ;-) removed forced drop_privileges, warning message is sufficient
  • moved drop_privileges before parameter evaluation: needs compile time UID now
  • drop_privileges if ran as root, default: run as user nagios
  • old exec with tempfiles is standard until new exec is validated (exec_open3:0)
  • redesign of exec_command: open3 from IPC module does the trick now ;-)
  • more indentation for HTML view - indent_label var created
  • fixed handling of splitted multiline performance data (thx to Lorenz Bucher)
  • added '#' comments functionality within lines (not complete comment lines)
  • macro handling: non found $MACRO$ will be replaced by ''
  • fixed substitute_macros
  • minor fixes for notes_url links: alternation of link and icon, column spanning
  • added tag_notes_link to implement notes_url as link behind tag in extinfo
  • added notes_url for child checks and MULTI_TAG var
  • fixed perfdata parser (thx Gerhard)
  • added signal handler to catch terminating signals (cleanup,report)
  • macro_substitution now also in tags (thx Willi)
  • added error message if no plugin defined at all
  • fixed plugin state for command file not found to UNKNOWN (thx Rudolf)

0.17 16.04.2008

  • added recursive call detection
  • collapse option to hide OK output in HTML view
  • error messages in plugin output instead of long plugin output
  • indentation of recursive checks in ASCII mode
  • perl module version check for Getopt::Long
  • added control variable for use of HTML::Entities
  • restrict tag characters to A-Za-z0-9_:
  • add libexec path to PATH var during check_multi runtime
  • fixed regex in perfdata check routine (thx denschi)
  • fixed CSS tags for HTML output (thx TheCry)
  • print command runtime 0 if command is not executed due to timeout
  • last rc from eval will also be mentioned for state evaluation
  • added -x / execute option to provide commandline also for commands
  • added file_extension setting to specify config file extension
  • fixed perfdata label sanitizing (thx Jens)
  • added explicit perfdata plugin specification (thx to Joerg Linge)
  • fixed state substitution (now only for state statements)
  • fixed check_multi performance data labels
  • added ASCII output into HTML comments for notification scripts
  • splitted eval into eeval (echo eval) and eval

0.16 19.01.2008

  • multi label fix backported into stable 0.16
  • minor cleanups
  • enhanced performance string error parsing
  • performance labels delimiters '::' → '_'
  • minor fixes(eval error output, HTML::Entities use in eval…)
  • added $STATE_<tag>$ vars
  • fixed ::multi_label:: problems with ::tags
  • new option -s suppress_perfdata=<tag1>,[<tag2>][,…]
  • discarding incorrect perfdata (in order to save the other)
  • fixed HTML::entities (thx to Gerhard Lausser)
  • added set option: –set ENV_VAR=xyz
  • added continuation lines capability for config files
  • some minor debugging changes
  • added eval [ TAG ] = PERLEXPR
  • ePN support removed again (too many error conditions)
  • fixed HTML issues (table specific, thx to Wolfgang Barth)
  • ePN support
  • removed –state option (replaced by state evaluation)
  • replaced -r 64 (command list) and -r 1024 (state eval) by verbose option
  • added –verbose (level 0-3) option and DEBUG routine

0.15 21.11.2007

  • added 'ignore_missing_cmd_file' option for command overloading
  • added –set option to add multiple config values
  • added command overloading mechanism
  • removed brackets from HTML view
  • no MULTI label any more, standard is: no label
  • multiple config files supported: -f <file> -f <file>…
  • corrected line (<l10) of ePN optout statement
  • added state evaluation reporting
  • replaced ranges with state evaluation
  • fixed bug with recursive concatenated performance labels
  • added range support (check_multi now can replace check_cluster!)
  • prepared recursive calls, added dotted line to HTML view
  • fixed bug with parent timeout smaller than child timeout
  • fixed error reporting for missing config file
  • reordered report functions

0.14 21.10.2007

  • added NAGIOS2 report mode with most important info in one line
  • extra http report function
  • setting report standard to 13 (verbose header line, stderr and perfdata)
  • in order to get proper output on command line
  • extended html report mode to full table
  • performance star to the front (thx Joerg)
  • added PNP link option for extended info
  • added HTML coloring for extended info
  • performance data label separator is now '::' to avoid mismatches
  • added DISPLAY_COMMAND_LIST to show full list of commands in extended_output
  • if plugin specified with full path, do not use libexec path
  • added blanks to result lists to provide wrapping in HTML output

0.13 16.08.2007

  • bugfix for handling of extended return code
  • stderr output now trimmed
  • bugfix for non existing environment vars
  • suppress empty check lists '()' in output
  • cleaned up 0 results in summary

0.12 25.07.2007

  • performance switch replaced by report flag
  • output of performance data is now default
  • substitute macros a la $HOSTNAME$
  • Time::Hires integrated

0.11 22.07.2007

  • first version in SVN
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