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Linux examples

Note: All of these Examples are written for/on a Linux box. They can vary on your box, and you may have to adopt the command / evaluation expression.
If you want to run them e.g. on a Solaris server you have to do some research on your own ;-)
But that's one of the main goals of this example collection: it should awoke your interest to create your own commands.


I know that these values can be monitored by several SNMP driven plugins. But this approach is very simple and does not need anything to be configured specially. You can combine all network checks in one check_multi call.

Network packets incoming

check_generic -n "net_pkt_in" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev | awk -F: '{print \$2}' | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>1000' -c '>2000' -y delta -p "pkt_in"

Network packets outgoing

check_generic -n "net_pkt_out" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev | awk -F: '{print \$2}' | awk '{print \$10}'" -w '>1000' -c '>2000' -y delta -p "pkt_out"

Network bytes incoming

check_generic -n "net_bytes_in" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev | awk -F: '{print \$2}' | awk '{print \$1}'" -w '>1000000' -c '>2000000' -y delta -p "bytes_in"

Network bytes outgoing

check_generic -n "net_bytes_out" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev| awk -F: '{print \$2}' | awk '{print \$9}'" -w '>1000000' -c '>2000000' -y delta -p "bytes_out"

Network errors incoming

check_generic -n "net_errs_in" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev | sed 's/^.*\$IF://' | awk '{print \$3}'" -w '>5' -c '>10' -y delta -p "errs_in"

Network errors outgoing

check_generic -n "net_errs_out" -e "IF=`awk '\$2 == "00000000" {print \$1}' /proc/net/route`; grep \$IF /proc/net/dev| sed 's/^.*\$IF://' | awk '{print \$11}'" -w '>5' -c '>10' -y delta -p "errs_out"

Parse ifconfig output directly

Another approach has kindly been provided by coffy from the German Nagios forum.
He directly parses the output of ifconfig to avoid permission problems on the /proc/net files. On the other hand this approach needs the knowledge of the particular interface to check.
Example: check network errors

check_generic -n Net_TX_Errors -e "ifconfig eth0 | grep 'TX packets' | cut -d: -f3 | awk '{print \$1}'"  -w ">5" -c ">10"

Memory / Swap

Memory free

check_generic -n "proc_meminfo_memfree" -e "grep -i memfree /proc/meminfo | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '<5000' -c '<2000' -p "free_KB"

Memory dirty

check_generic -n "proc_meminfo_dirty"   -e "grep -i dirty /proc/meminfo | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>50000' -c '>100000' -p "dirty_KB"

Swap in use

check_generic -n "proc_meminfo_swapinuse" -e "grep -i swapcached /proc/meminfo | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>50000' -c '>100000' -p "swap_KB"

Process environment

Interrupt number

check_generic -n "proc_stat_intr" -e "grep -i intr /proc/stat | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>500' -c '>1000' -y delta -p "intr"

Context changes

check_generic -n "proc_stat_context" -e "grep -i ctxt /proc/stat | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>1000' -c '>2000' -y delta -p "ctxt"

Blocked processes

Processes can be blocked eg waiting for a IO operation to be finished.

check_generic -n "proc_stat_blocked" -e "grep -i procs_blocked /proc/stat | awk '{print \$2}'" -w '>3' -c '>5' -y delta -p "procs"

Forks per second

check_generic -n forks -e "vmstat -f | awk '{print \$1}'" -c ">20" -w ">10" -y delta -p forks 


RTC clock ok

check_generic -n "proc_driver_rtc" -e "grep -i batt_status /proc/driver/rtc | awk '{print \$3}'" -c '!~/okay/'

Smartctl disk /dev/hda

check_generic -n smartctl_hda -e "smartctl -H /dev/hda | grep 'test result' | awk '{print \$6}'" -c '!~/PASSED/'

ACPI remaining battery capacity (last full capacity in % of design capacity)

check_generic -n ACPI_battery_capacity -e "DC=`grep 'design capacity:' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info | awk '{print \$3}'`; LC=`grep 'last full capacity:' /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info | awk '{print \$4}'`; echo \"$LC/($DC/100)\" | bc" -c "<50" -w "<70"


Service checks number

check_generic -n nagios_services_number -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d NUMSERVICES" -w ">1800" -c ">2000" -p "NUMSERVICES"

Service checks per minute

check_generic -n nagios_services_checks -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d NUMACTSVCCHECKS1M" -w ">300" -c ">500" -p "NUMACTSVCCHECKS1M"

Service check latency

check_generic -n nagios_services_latency -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d AVGACTSVCLAT" -w ">30000" -c ">60000" -p "AVGACTSVCLAT"

Host checks number

check_generic -n nagios_hosts_number -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d NUMHOSTS" -w ">400" -c ">500" -p "NUMHOSTS"

Host checks per minute

check_generic -n nagios_hosts_checks -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d NUMHSTACTCHK1M" -w ">100" -c ">200" -p "NUMHSTACTCHK1M"

Host check latency

check_generic -n nagios_hosts_latency -e "/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagiostats -m -d AVGACTHSTLAT" -w ">30000" -c ">60000" -p "AVGACTHSTLAT"
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