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  • escape several chars in output to improve matching (thx to Jason Benguerel)
  • added FindBin for command path (thx to Jason Benguerel)
  • added URL encoding and decoding (walk on the Lausser way ;), thx to Birger Schmidt for the patch
  • removed CHANGEME as default name, new default is undef. Thx Gerhard for the third time ;)
  • added –print_match to replace output with part of the regex, thanks to Gerhard again!
  • added –match_stderr option to include STDERR into evaluation, thx to Gerhard Lausser
  • added warn;crit parts to performance data
  • option empty_output_is_ok to avoid UNKNOWN
  • if execution output is empty: return UNKNOWN
  • performance data help added
  • omit 'match:none' if no threshold was hit
  • delta mode: print old and new value plus time
  • added “don't run as root” msg
  • better messaging for RC != 0
  • escaped ”'” to avoid eval errors

0.0.1 7.09.2007

  • added lots of documentation on
  • added garbage_collection to remove obsolete delta files
  • fixed numerical output
  • added match_env to report string matches
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