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check_multi stable 0.26 released

It's urgent time for the next release, for some new features and for plenty of bug fixes.


  • attribute [ <TAG>::<variable> ] = <expression>

    This feature is mightier than you expect. In some extent it works like check_generic does.

    It can set child specific variables, such as process_perfdata, timeout or displayed.
    But you also can set attributes like critical, warning, and unknown, and this is pretty much the same as you specify state [ critical ] = <expression>, just on the child check level. It will be evaluated directly after a child check has been executed and affects the state of a particular child check.
    Let me give an example:
    command   [ tmp_dir_permissions           ] = ls -ld /tmp
    attribute [ tmp_dir_permissions::critical ] = $tmp_dir_permissions$ !~ /^drwxrwxrwt/

    The output is:

    $ check_multi -f test_tmp_dir.cmd -r 1+4+64
    CRITICAL - 1 plugins checked, 1 critical (tmp_dir_permissions)
    [ 1] tmp_dir_permissions CRITICAL drwxr-xr-x 10 root root 4096 Nov 17 15:29 /tmp [CRITICAL: output matched rule '"$tmp_dir_permissions$" !~ /^drwxrwxrwt/']

  • attribute [ <variable> ] = <value>
    This is an option if you want to specify all in your cmd files to not use command line parameters like '-s <variable>=<value>'. Any -s option can be added with this attribute statement.

Other changes and fixes

  • Macros
    • FIX: macro handling for livestatus command
    • FIX: macro handling: complain about non-existing macros and remove
  • Output
    • print matching state rule in long plugin output
    • provide error message if no HOSTNAME is specified for passive service definitions
  • Tags
    • Note: spaces in tags and macros are not allowed any more to prevent ambiguities
    • numerical tags are not allowed
  • Performance data
    • added perfdata for statusdat command
    • FIX: perfdata column for livestatus command
    • FIX: hostname treatment for PNP urls
    • FIX: cumulate perfdata handling
    • better perfdata error output for invalid UOM
  • XML output
    • inventory parameter: reduced XML for feed_passive (no execution, only output)
    • FIX: encoding of XML state elements
  • Miscellaneous
    • FIX: handling of non existing child state rules
    • child timeout increased to 11s - no collision with 10s default
    • FIX: trimming blanks at line end with continuation lines
    • statusdat checks now only consider hard states
    • feed_passive with perfdata [ plugin ] at the end
    • contrib: uses mime multipart elements
    • FIX: verbose mode

Have fun with check_multi,

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